The Spongetones


The Spongetones, Live at P.B. Scott's Music Hall

The Spongetones were regular players at the infamous P.B. Scott's Music Hall in Blowing Rock, NC beginning in the fall of 1980. P.B.'s was located in the Appalachian mountains, along the eastern seaboard, providing a good mid-week stopping point for national acts touring up and down the coast. Acts such as B.B. King, R.E.M., Hanks Williams Jr., Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ricky Skaggs, and Bonnie Raitt played there. The hall could handle crowds of up to 800 people. 

The Spongetones, Live at P.B. Scott's in the early 1980's.The Spongetones, Live at P.B. Scott's in the early 1980's.The Spongetones, Live at P.B. Scott's in the early 1980's.

The hall was shut down in late 1983 after locals voted to become a "wet" county, resulting in restrictions that permitted only establishments serving 51% non-alcoholic consumables to have liquor licenses [1]. An attempt to reestablish the club in Charlotte was short lived. So loved was the original venue that, although the newer place was larger and nicer, it never captured the vibe that the original club possessed, and it went out of business with a lot less fanfare, proving that some things simply cannot be recreated. Fans continue to talk about the original club and hold annual reunions in honor of it. A Facebook group was established where people reminisce about the place.

P.B. Scott's calendar from May 1983, featuring R.E.M., John Hartford, and The Spongetones.P.B. Scott's calendar from October 1982, featuring the Gregg Allman Band, Cruis-o-matic, and The Spongetones.Bob Marshall newspaper article from January 27, 1983, discussing The Spongetones playing at P.B. Scott's in Blowing Rock, NC.

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"PB Scott's was my favorite place to play. The way it was set up (three levels, with the second level balcony hanging right above us at each end) made 800 people seem right next to us. Everywhere I looked--up or down--I saw happy, smiling faces. These people drove miles on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and stood in line before the place opened, just to watch. It was a fraternity. To this day, someone will point at me and say "P.B. Scott's!" You had to be there. It was only a relatively short moment in time. But what a moment." - Steve Stoeckel

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