The Spongetones

Spongetones Where-Ever-Land Album Cover


Label: Triapore
Catalog #: CD-12-3077, CS-12-3077
Formats: CD, Cassette
Released: 1987
Country: USA
Status: Out of Print

Label: Permanent Press Recordings
Catalog #: PPCD52710
Formats: CD
Released: 1988
Country: USA
Status: Available

Label: Air Mail Recordings
Catalog #: AIRCD-097
Formats: CD
Released: 2008
Country: Japan

All The Buzz

Where-Ever Land was recommended in Rolling Stone Magazine.


Jamie Hoover
Bass, Vocals, Producer (except **)
Rob Thorne
Pat Walters
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Conrad Hunter
Keyboards on Where-Ever Land
Nat Speir
Sax on Self-Sufficient Guy and Just Another Mundane

Where-Ever Land

Spongetones Beat Music back cover photograph

Jamie Hoover, Pat Walters, and Rob Thorne at Reflection Studios in 1986. Steve Stoeckel left the band for a few years, returning in time for the re-release of Where-Ever Land on Permanent Press Records.

Original artwork for Where-Ever Land, by Katherine Hunter

Album art by Katherine Hunter.

Greg James
Bass and backing vocals on Woodstock II
Don Dixon
** Producer, backing vocals on Anna
Mark Williams
** Engineer
Bill Kipper (Masterdisk) and Dave Harris (Studio-B)

The Spongetones played the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC to promote the release of Where-Ever-Land.

Track   Title Duration
1   Forget About May (Hoover)** 2:53
2   Self-Sufficient Guy (Walters/Hoover) 3:17
3   Anna (Hoover/James)** 4:06
4   Up In Smoke (Hoover) 3:00
5   Tom (Hoover/Stoeckel) 3:00
6   Where-Ever-Land (Hoover) 3:35
7   Images (Walters) 3:19
8   Just Another Mundane (Hoover) 2:38
9   Talk To The Girl (Walters/Hoover) 3:54
10   Since You Said (Walters) 2:02
11   Baby Boomer (Walters) ** 3:56
    Unreleased Bonus Tracks (Permanent Press)
12   Don't Talk Too Loud [Demo] (Hoover) 3:52
13   Woodstock II [Demo] (Walters/James) 4:04
14   Not So [Live] (Hoover) 2:55
15   (My Girl) Maryanne [Live] (Stoeckel) 3:04
16   Torn Apart [Live] (Walters) 3:35
    Covers (Air Mail Recordings)  
12   Don't Bother Me  
13   Summertime Blues  
14   Needles and Pins  
15   Anyway You Want It  
16   Heart Full of Soul  

Live cuts from The World Cafe Radio Program

Covers on Air Mail were recorded by Hoover, Walters, and Thorne and originally distributed to the fan club on cassette. 

** Produced by Don Dixon at Reflection Studios with Mark Williams engineering. All others produced and engineered by Jamie Hoover at The Washateria in Clover, SC.

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