The Spongetones

Spongetones Torn Apart Album Cover


Label: Ripete Records
Catalog #: 2154
Formats: Vinyl EP
Released: 1984
Country: USA
Status: Out of print

Label: JVC
Catalog #: unknown
Formats: Vinyl EP
Released: 1985
Country: Japan
Status: Out of print

Label: Air Mail Recordings
Catalog #: AIRD-096
Formats: CD
Released: 2008
Country: Japan
Bonus Tracks: 5

Torn Apart was re-released with Beat Music on the Beat and Torn CD in 1994.


All The Buzz

The Charlotte Observer reported on the second review of The Spongetones in Rolling Stone Magazine. April 27, 1984.

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Torn Apart

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Article in Charlotte Observer discusses reaction by Rolling Stone to Beat Music
Track   Title
1-1   Have You Ever Been Torn Apart?
1-2   Lana-Nana
1-3   (My Girl) Maryanne
2-1   Shock Therapy
2-2   Now You're Gone
2-3   Annie Dear
Bonus Tracks (Japan CD Only)
7   Don't Talk Too Loud (demo)
8   Woodstock II (demo)
9   Not So (Live)
10   (My Girl) Maryanne (Live)
11   Torn Apart (Live)


Jamie Hoover
Guitar, Sitar, Vocals, Producer
Steve Stoeckel
Bass, Vocals
Rob Thorne
Drums, Percusssion
Pat Walters
Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals
Mark Williams
Recording Engineer
Spongetones Fan Letter from Cub Koda

Spongetones Fan Letter, Nov '84

Cover for the Spongetones Japanese release of Torn Apart on vinyl.

Torn Apart was the first Spongetones work released outside the USA. It was licensed by Dolphin Records to the Japanese Victor Company (JVC) for release in Japan in 1985.

Spongetones Japanese releases of Beat Music, Torn Apart, and Where-Ever Land on CD

Torn Apart was released in Japan on CD, along with Beat Music and Where-Ever Land, by Airmail Recordings.


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