The Spongetones

Spongetones Beat Music Album Cover


Label: Black Vinyl
Catalog #: unknown
Formats: CD
Released: 1994
Country: USA
Status: Available


Jamie Hoover
Guitar, Sitar, Vocals, Producer
Steve Stoeckel
Bass, Vocals
Rob Thorne
Drums, Percusssion
Pat Walters
Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals
Mark Williams
Recording Engineer
Hoyt Dooley III of Discmastering Inc
Digital Remastering
Eric Rochvon Rochsburg
Jacket Design
Debbie Dobbins
Tambourine on Better Take It Easy
Don Dixon
Hand claps on Every Night Is A Holiday and Shock Therapy
Mitch Easter, Mario Cartelli and all of REM
Hand claps on Shock Therapy
Rick Bowles and Mario Cartelli
Hand claps on Maryanne
Greg James
Bass, piano, and back-up vocals on This Kiss Is Mine Tonight

Beat & Torn

Beat & Torn is the combined release of Beat Music and Torn Apart on CD.

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Track   Title   Length
1   Here I Go Again (Walters)   2:37
2   Tell Me Too! (Hoover)   2:31
3   Cool Hearted Girl (Walters)   2:58
4   Take My Love (Hoover/Salmen)   2:42
5   A Part Of Me Now (Stoeckel)   2:30
6   She Goes Out With Everybody (Hoover/Salmen)   2:26
7   Every Night Is A Holiday (Walters)   2:50
8   Don't You Know? (Hoover)   2:43
9   Where Were You Last Night? (Walters)   2:35
10   You're The One (Walters)   2:09
11   Better Take It Easy (Walters)   2:43
12   Eloquent Spokesman (Walters/Hoover)   3:39
13   Have You Ever Been Torn Apart? (Walters)    
14   Lana Nana (Hoover)    
15   (My Girl) Maryanne (Stoeckel)    
16   Shock Therapy (Hoover)    
17   Now You're Gone (Walters/Dobbins)    
18   Annie Dear (Stoeckel)    
19   This Kiss is Mine Tonight (Hoover)    

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